“When I was getting out of rehab I didn’t know where I was going to go. A lot of other sober living houses wouldn’t accept me because of all the medications I take. Positive Transitions accepted me with open arms. The Director is stern but patient. The house is massive and comfortable. Management has a structure which keeps EVERYONE accountable. Because of the structure and help this program has provided, I celebrated one year of sobriety on June 13th, 2022. “

Todd Farr


“I’m reaching out to explain a little about my situation I did a stay at Farnum center for twenty-eight days trying to find a neutral spot in sobriety. I did up upon nearing the end of my stay. I was introduced to a guy named Ray Negron. He had a spacious sober living environment. I was looking to get out of Manchester, NH and it was located in Rochester, NH, which was perfect for me. Upon arrival I was greeted with a spacious and homely environment. While living here I’ve gained employment. With his help and leadership, I’ve learned how to independently live and how to apply everyday principles to my life. This has been the best experience of my life I’ve rebuilt relationships and grown as a human being this place saved my life thank you Positive Transitions right now in this moment in my life being here is my higher power God bless everyone out there seeking sobriety this is the best place to live life.“

Edgar Sepulveda