Privacy Policy

Positive Transitions

As a resident of Positive Transitions, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect byoperators and peers
  • To have your grievances heard without fear of retribution and reviewed in a reasonable time
  • Be housed in a safe, clean, and supported environment
  • Be free from abuse in all forms
  • Be free from sexual harassment of any kind
  • Participate in the recovery pathway of your choosing and have your positive efforts supported by peers and house leaders
  • Have all personal information and records kept confidential and secure
  • Have access to all policies and procedures of Positive Transitions Recovery Housing and receive clarification of any questions prior to any agreements made with Positive Transitions.
  • Have privacy of person, belongings, and communications in conjunction with program policies and procedures
  • Have access to community resources to support ongoing recovery and access to case management to help access these resources
  • Have access to operators free from obstacle regarding personal concerns and needs
  • Be free from any duties that may cause harm both mentally and physically
  • Live in a home free from drugs and alcohol
  • Expectation that peers and operators will respect the commitment to complete abstinence of all mind-altering substances
  • Receive any and all signed documents, receipts of payment, UDS results and chart notes upon request
  • Expectation that peer leaders and operators will act accordingly following Zero Tolerance procedures in the event a peer has a recurrence with drugs or alcohol
  • Be provided resources in the event you are asked to leave housing due to recurrence or need for higher level of care