Conduct Policy

Positive Transitions Recovery Community Conduct Policy

The expectations for appropriate, recovery-focused behavior applies whether residents are on or off property. But additional expectations for appropriate behavior apply whenever residents are out in public. Appropriate conduct is expected at all times while attending recovery
community activities, events, and Twelve Step meetings.

Appropriate behavior means:

  • Behave as ambassadors for the house and recovery in general.
  • Residents hold each other accountable and watch out for each other’s safety.
  • Be mindful of language and volume.
  • Respect and abide by the policies of your host (e.g., the recovery center, church, or hall), especially those involving parking, smoking, trash, chairs, doors, and lights.
  • Arrive at least ten minutes before scheduled events.
  • Find ways to be helpful.
  • Use the restroom before a meeting begins to avoid disrupting the meeting.
  • Do not arrange for old friends, family, or romantic interests to meet you at recovery events or meetings.
  • Pay attention. Do not distract yourself with phone, reading material, or side conversations during a meeting.
  • Thank the speaker (s) at the end of a speaker meeting.
  • Clean up after yourself and others.
  • Do not badmouth other recovery homes, treatment centers, or recovery pathways.
  • Be friendly and welcoming to the newcomer.